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So here I am meant to write about me, eh?

My name is Nikki. I'm fast approaching my late twenties (eep) and I live in the south-west of England in the fantastic City of Bristol. My girlfriend (the most wonderful woman by the name of 'meriKate) is a programmer; and we're both Tech-junkies. She moved to the UK from the US way back in early 2004 just so we could live together. She rocks.

Life's been a mixture of bizzare and even more bizzare and thanks to the fact that I'm self-employed and building my own career I end up doing anything from writing books to performing on the oboe and converting my 1965 Morris Minor (called "Hebe") to electric power.

I grew in the rural Waveney Valley of East Anglia in the eighties; the daughter of a truly amazing countryman and woman who knew an awful lot about life and the natural world around them. They taught me a lot in terms of learning to love all life and I shall always be thankful for it. I also lapse into nostalga for the days on the farm when I was little from time to time.

I think that'll do for intros. I shouldn't like to make it too long ;)

A mirror of this diary is kept at http://www.aminorjourney.co.uk. It chronicles the restoration and other big projects outside of my musical life.

If you want my professional website head on over to http://www.multiphonikks.com.

I know... it's not big or clever to have multiple domains... but I do!

Please note that any Photographs on my site remain the property of the photographer. In most cases this means ME. Pleae do not be so rude as to steal these without my permission. If you ask nicely you will normally get.