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Because you can't ever just replace the thing that's broken - aminorjourney [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Because you can't ever just replace the thing that's broken [Oct. 9th, 2009|07:41 pm]
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[Current Location |United Kingdom, Bristol]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |Simpsons on TV]


So, I was happily going to put a serial connection (usb, if you're being pedantic, which of course, is serial) from the G-Wiz to the house. I figured this would be easily done with the lovely 3 meter USB cable I have. This is good, because I could hide one end in the G-Wiz (carefully passing it through a gap in the door seal) and then through the front window.

But on opening the window, we discovered that the window wouldn't close again. And then it wouldn't lock. Y'see, the window locking mechanism is made of such poor quailty aluminium that it snapped in two. And there we have it. One buggered window.

So, I quickly took off the offending part, and went, in the rush hour, around Bristol to find a replacement part. Sadly, everywhere I went to told me the same thing.

"Sorry, we don't do *those*. You could buy a whole window."

Err, no.

Y'see, the rest of the window is perfectly okay, thank you very much. And the locking slides are fine too. How about that? Why on earth would I want to replace a whole fracking window when it's just the gear that gets turned by the handle which is broken. Yeah. £99 for a window replacement (that's the cheapest I could see) when there was a £5 part that needed fixing.

And how helpful are those wonderful folks in B&Q, Wikes and wherever else I tried to go. Tell me, at what point did we become comletely throw-away? I missed that memo.

Anyway. Got back home, and resassembled the window, minus the handle mechanism. My wonderful wife, who really deserves a gold medal for putting up with the arsey attitude I've had all day, helped me to fix the window. In fact, she came up with a truly awesome idea to close it. And thus, we managed to lock it. From the inside. Which is a relief.

And I have the BMS monitor software hooked up to the laptop inside the house. This means I can actually see what's going on while we charge up Ellie.

Talking of which, I didn't introduce Ellie. Behold, my free G-Wiz. Well, free, minus a £57 garage bill and the hire of the trailer to get her back to Bristol.

And here's a grab of her charging. Nice software, BMSmonitor!

(There's an error on that screen-grab. But it's all okay now.)

Why was I in a foul mood today? well, I can't exactly say. But we did get four children's profiles to read through for adoption. We've got two children (siblings) which we're keen on going to the next stage with: A visit from their social worker to make sure that our social worker was right about us and to see if we'll be okay to be considered for becoming their parents. But the other two kids we read profiles for read like something out of an episode of "streetcrime UK". Confidentiality demands we don't go into details. But it was harrowing. It left me feeling sick to my stomach. And guilty that we felt unable to help those particular kids.

But, when being adopters, you have to be 100% honest about what you can cope with and what you can't.

Anyway. A bit of Futuruama and Simpsons and all seems right with the world. Oh, and I did some invoicing earlier, which always makes the world feel better ;)


[User Picture]From: quercus
2009-10-09 10:12 pm (UTC)
Window bits: Isaac Lord (over past Knowle West!)

or else Usenet and news://uk.d-i-y, where there's bound to be someone who knows.
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From: loopback0
2009-10-11 08:49 am (UTC)
you might want to look at this if you want a more permanent weatherproof USB system.

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