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A little embarrassing [Oct. 24th, 2009|08:58 pm]
So I went to the Gym this morning. Kate and I have been going quite regularly (3-5 times a week) and I was feeling just fine. Well, okay, a little tired.

I've always had a high heart-rate, but have an absolutely fine blood pressure. It's been checked various times.

But today I managed to succesfully pass out on the treadmill. I was, at the time, only about ten minutes into my workout. I should have started on the five minute exercise bike. That's what I'm meant to do. But today, as with most days, I went on the treadmill first. The bike is a low-resistance setting, designed to get me warmed up properly. But the treadmill is hard work. 15% incline for 25 minutes, alternating between 5 km/hr and 6km/hr. And I am not meant to hold on.

About seven and a half minutes in, (30 seconds after the treadmill program went up to 6km/hr at 15% rather than 5km at 15%) I started to feel a bit weird. I stabbed at the stop button, and called to Kate. And then I was on the floor.

Apparently, my heart was up to about 180 bpm at that point. I must have been pushing myself too hard. The doctor working out next to me said I was okay. But I should have something sweet.

So we came home, and my heart rate was going crazy all the way back. I fainted a few times. Kate paniced and called 999. The amblulance came, by which time I was feeling okay. They checked my pulse, blood pressure, and glucose. And pronounced me okay.

How stupid am I? Grrr....

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